The AV box (previously ELM) currently our main product, was initially created for personal use.

We needed a controller housing for the VEXR platform that would comfortably fit an ESC, light system, maybe some battery cells or other components as required with enough room for cable management and accessibility. These components had to be easily serviced/replaced without a full board disassembly, easy to waterproof, provide excellent thermals and look awesome.

Unfortunately a housing did not exist that fulfilled our criteria so we created one we can be proud of. 

Clearly we were not the only ones that appreciated a high standard in quality and dedication which resulted in a successful group-buy round. We plan on producing limited batches of AV boxes on a regular basis and hope to bring more VEXR platform products in the (near) future via this sales channel.

We would like to express our gratitude to the "groupbuy" members for their support, patience, encouragements and passion for the single wheel electric balanceboard.