Please see below the parts required to complete your AV box assembly and use it. The list is composed of REQUIRED** parts assuming LFOC3 is the VESC being used, and OPTIONAL** parts. Please do not ask where to source this outside the EU, we have no idea. All sizes are metric. You obviously are free to use different materials. We can never be held responsible for using the wrong material/ threads resulting in damage or degraded functionality. Below the parts list you will see some images of where/how the parts are applied referencing to the part number.

Note: For specific assembly instructions, please see the "Assembly" thread in the Discord channel on our contact page.


** After purchasing and receiving your AV box you need to contact ed_co on our discord. This will give you access to the 3d files page. All files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!




#1 - Bolts (5x): Lid bolts front lip. 5pcs M4x0,7 - 5mm thread

#2 - Bolts (20x): Lid bolts + Power button/ Charge port adaptor bolts. 20pcs M4x0,7 - 6mm thread

#3 - LFOC3 mounting studs (3x): 3pcs M3x0,5 stud - 20mm thread,

#4 - Nyloc nuts (3x): 3pcs M3x0,5 nyloc nut.


#5 - Plastic washers (3 or 6x) (i strongly suggest embedding them in the 1mm thermal pad as well to avoid mosfet shorting due to over-tightening)

#6 - CABLE GLANDS (2x) 2pcs M20x1,5

#7 - Printed files (1 of each) (file in 3d/dxf channel) Power button and chargeport adaptors

#8 - Cuttables (2x) (File in 3d/dxf channel) Power button and chargeport gasket. The powerbutton file can be used for both sides.

These gaskets can be hand-cut (using the actual adaptor as template) or lasercut from 1 or 2mm neoprene or EVA foam.

#9 - Cuttables (1 of each) (File in 3d/dxf channel) Led window+ adhesive

Advised to use max 1.5mm thick polycarbonate or polyester/ plexi with max 0.5mm thick adhesive (3M VHB)

#10 - Lid gasket (1 length) A 3mm rubber cord is used to seal the lid. Tested is Shore A55 and Shore A15. Both work great, would be optimal to source Shore A30 or 40. Dimensions 3mm diameter, about 65cm length.

#11 - Spacers (2x) Spacers used to fill the gap between box front rail boltholes and rails. Normally done by the clips present in stock FM bumpers or the brackets using Badger bumpers.
BANGbumpers however do not have a solution for it and in this case spacers are required. They are 3mm tall, M5 hole and shape can be square or round. Below img is ID5.3mm, OD10mm, 3mm thick. They do the job.

#12 - Venthole membrane (1x) A Badgerwheel classic and found on FM boards. Can be sourced at TFL.






#13 - Printables: Splashcap (x1) Splashcap will cover the motor cable gland and pootpad connector from excess water/dirt.

#14 - Bolts (1x): Splashcap bolt M4x0,7 - 5 or 6mm thread

#15 - Printables (x1): Tray for box floor. Used to mount/accommodate desired components.

Modify to your requirements. (Some pre-made files are in the 3d/dxf channel).

The bolts used to secure the tray are M3x0,5. Head type and thread length depend on the trat thickness used. The holes in the box are about 4mm deep.