Dear All,


It’s been a while since we started our journey paving the way for quality CNC enclosures and the evolution became a fact. Now it’s time to make some adaptations and improvements as seen needed by our community. So, why come with a V2 for an already great product?

In short: More ESC and connector support whilst maintaining backwards compatibility, uncompromised quality and space. Downside as usual is that things don’t get cheaper and the increased complexity of the fabrication process forced us to raise the price at the exact amount of the costprice increase, no way around that. But we endeavor to stay transparent about this and mitigate the pricing where we can. How?

  • Separate hardware set from main product (inspired by other component suppliers in the community) and offer these at costprice. This way you can choose to use equivalent local sources if cheaper, self produced or simply preferred.
  • As mentioned before, increase the box price equal to the production price increase. Our margins go out of the window but this way we share the cost increase.

What is new compared to the original AV box?


- Little Focer (as always, native to AV box)

- Tronic 250R (native)

- Tronic X12 (native)

- Thor300 (native)

- JetFleet-F6 (native)

- Ennoid ESC (with Floorplate)

- Ubox (with this)

- Most other ESC would be supported with our Floorplate™ system. Contact us for possibilities.

To enable use of taller VESC such as Tronic 250R and X12 the lids have been modified. Both are backwards compatible with V1 boxes. This lid mod also ensures plenty clearance for Lfoc+ 3mm Floorplate in V1 boxes (although for full space profit, just in the case of Tronic 250R, some holes need to be done in the floor of the V1 box, nothing for the rest of ESCs). Logically due to it’s stiffness we could create 1mm more extra height with the aluminium lid as opposed to the PC one. For the 250R and X12 we worked with CAD models provided by the ESC manufacturer to ensure fitment yet cannot control manufacturers deviations. So using taller controllers is at own risk!


- Cable glands as usual. Still being the best option performance wise as per today.

- Kaiser-plug. A new public motor plug, very well done and developed by Warzon3 (Discord) that will be offered very soon. This uses 4mm bullet plugs, so the second better option out there.

- Higo connector. Used on SuperFlux hub

- Cannon core. Unlike the other mentioned plugs this one needs the “Loki” method. Get in touch with @MacIak on discord for info or ask the community in our channel.


Trying to find the best compromise and making it for user's entire convenience, we adopted the GX-16 as the charge port as is the preferred one by the community. So you can add the power button and the GX-16 charge port directly into the box, no need for covers.


Needless to say. With AV box no longer worry about room for components, cable management or split packs. V2 offers the exact same room.

Note: Split packs are only intended for advanced builders in ANY enclosure and we do not recommend nor encourage the use of it.



Sales will be via pre-order only. Production will start as soon as a minimum demand is reached + 1 week of grace period for latecomers. Obviously if demand is very low and minimum amount is not feasible in an acceptable timeframe we reserve the right to cancel production, refund you in full and call it a day.


Until now there was one color for each ordering batch, chosen by ourselves.

From now on the color will be chosen by the buyers of the batch. So, we will give you some options in a poll on discord which the buyers will have access, and every buyer will vote what option they would want. The color with highest votes will be the chosen batch color!!

We hope the wall of text above makes sense. If not, reach out to us by any means on the contact page. Thanks for your support, without you there is no AV!