Happy Cannon: Use your FW CannonCore on XR platform!

€150.00 €99.00

The Happy Cannon is here! Color: Clear anodize

Designed with extreme tolerances. Benefits of Happy Cannon:

  • 3 height options: Standard, Lower, Riser.
  • 7075 alu: The real strong stuff!
  • Plenty room for your cable harness
  • Real easy to unscrew the "inner" hub bolts.
  • No need to remove the axle (or unscrew bolts) to remove the hub, as the cable retainer is removable.

Content: Happy Cannon mounts (set of 2), cable retainer (x2), M3 retainer bolts (x4).

NOTE: Use your own METRIC bolts to attach this mount to your CannonCore. Use your own IMPERIAL XR bolts to mount the hub to your rails.

NOTE: Needs modification to your CannonCore motor cable for use in all XR compatible controller boxes!!
The Floatwheel ADV box will need a minor mod so the hub will remain usable on your ADV system. Self-explanatory but just saying ;)

We are in no way affiliated with Future Motion or Floatwheel.