AV lid V2 CNC Aluminium


V2 lid is fully compatible with previous AV boxes.

In order to be able to accommodate the tall Tronic 250R and Tronic X12, the lids have been modified accordingly. Theorically both lids (Metal and Polycarbonate) will be able to incept both, although we didn't have any model and we can't warranty 100%, especially we can't control the consistency of the ESCs' productions and their tolerances. With the provided CAD models both lids work perfectly fine, though the Metal lid will have 1mm more of clearance than the Polycarbonate due to the material tolerance and resistance. In normal circumstances, we think confidently both lids should work, but obviously we will not be responsible if they don't fit.


Please note: It's possible a batch or part of the batch of product has minor machining marks and/or scratches. We will not/ can not categorize this as "blemished" as long as the aesthetics and functionality pass our QC.